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Palletization with anthropomorphic robot


CMC IMPIANTI palletizing systems are designed to be installed directly at the end of the packaging line and are equipped with an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use operator interface (HMI).

The systems proposed by CMC IMPIANTI are extremely compact and flexible and allow the palletization of various products in up to 4 pallets at a time.

The picking mechanism applied to the palletizer is customised to suit the products being handled so as to guarantee the maximum output of the palletizing system.

The supply includes an automatic palletizing cell complete with guards and safety devices, which can be integrated with a series of automations including: product transfer systems, pallet transfer systems, interlayer and pallet magazines.

The anthropomorphic robots used by CMC IMPIANTI are designed to be flexible and adapt to all palletizing and cartoning operations; moreover, they can also be used for the automatic management of interlayers and pallets.

For its own palletizing systems, CMC IMPIANTI uses components of the highest standard to ensure utmost safety levels.

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