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Conveyor systems


Belt conveyors, thanks to the characteristics of their construction, are particularly suited for conveying small-sized products and can also be used for either loose or packaged products. They are available in either a painted steel or stainless steel version, and depending on their application, are mounted with either a head motor or central motor (with the possibility for rotating rollers at the ends up to 9 mm in diameter).


Modular mesh conveyors are made of sturdy metal carpentry, in both a painted steel and stainless steel version. Thanks to the characteristics of their construction and ease with which the modular mesh can be disassembled, this type of conveyor belt is commonly used in the food industry (where sanitisation plays a key role in the various stages of product processing).
Different types of modular mesh are available: smooth, rubberised, with flights, with rollers for accumulation and also rotating balls for product shifting.


Slat conveyors are typically used to convey products such as: crates, bundles and boxes. They can be produced in both a painted steel and stainless steel version. They are available with different types of slats: smooth, with rubber inserts, with rollers for accumulation.


This type of conveyor is mainly used to convey crates, boxes and bundles. They can be produced with a structure in either painted steel or stainless steel.
The rolls, in varying diameters and lengths, can be in galvanized steel, stainless steel or even PVC (depending on the requested application) and equipped with friction to allow product accumulation.

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